Charlotte:  Tablet 

For this blog I decided to do vanilla fudge also known as Scottish tablet.

Tablet is made from basic ingredients like sugar, condensed milk and butter and it is often flavoured with vanilla or whisky.

Tablet isn’t something you eat everyday, because it is very sugary and considered a treat, but one of the main reasons why tablet is so popular in Scotland is the way it fuelled walkers with energy and kept their spirits high as they set off into the mountains.

In my family we don’t eat tablet often, but when we do make it we enjoy it as a treat and it lasts a while. It is considered a little, sugary and tasty snack that boosts you with energy but also gives you that sweet treat you wanted.

This recipe came from my mums very old recipe book. The book was passed on from my dads mother, who had a connection with Scotland, then it got passed onto my dad, but of course he doesn’t cook so he gave it to mum. This book is very old and sentimental to my family and also contains some lovely Scottish recipes.

Here are some pictures of how to make the tablet, and simple instructions with each picture. Tablet is very simple to make and it is very enjoyable, and I highly recommend you try it!!

Chuir mi romham Tablaid Albannach a dheanamh. Tha tablaid a’ còrdadh ri daoine ann an Alba mar bhlasad mhilis a bheireas dhuit lùths! Tha tablaid glè fhurasta a dhèanamh. Chleachd mi reasabaidh mo sheanmhair. Is e reasabaidh glè shean a tha ann, ach chanainn gu bheil e fìor mhath airson reasabaidh tablaid! Tha e cuideachd a’ còrdadh rium gun do chleachd mi reasabaidh mo sheanmhair.









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