Potato scones/sconaichean buntata

Potato scones or ‘tattie’ scones are one of scotlands best known breakfast foods. They are best served warm with eggs and bacon (how they were traditionally served). There are many different recipes for potato scones some are fried and some are baked in the oven, but my favourite recipe is out of my great granny’s cook book .

Tha sconaichean buntata neo ‘tattie’ scons fear dhe na biadhnan breacaist as ainimeil aig Alba. Tha iad as fhearr nuair a tha iad comhla ri uighean agus hama (ciamar a bha iad air iche gu traditionta). Tha torr diofar doighean ann airson gan coicearachd – s’urrainn dhaibh air a bhi cuir dhan obhainn neo ann am pana le ola, ach tha an doigh as fhearr leamsa a mach as an leabhar coicearachd aig mo shi sheanamhair.20170513_164535

1) Peel, boil and mash the potatoes.
2) Put all dry ingredients and the butter into the bowl.
3) Rub in the butter untill it looks like bread crumbs (by hand or by machine) then add the potatoes and some milk – (enough to make a soft dough) and mix untill combined.
4) Pat the dough out into a circle and cut into equal triangles and brush tops with some beaten egg.
5) Bake for 10 minutes at 200 °C untill golden on top and serve warm and enjoy.

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