my life changing experience in Costa Rica

my costa Rica experience was one filled with laughter, happiness, fun, excitement, nerves, wonder, curiosity OH and of course heat. The whole experience for me is one big favourite memory in my opinion, but one that will stay with me for a lifetime is meeting the wonderful young people of Boruca at first I had no idea what to expect before we met them, but as the days went on we all grew closer and connected even though there was the language barrier we still all managed to communicate and become closer. I’m so happy we all became friends in the end.

I learned a lot over in Costa Rica, one of the things was they eat ALOT of rice and beans, but the culture especially, everyone in Boruca were all very close almost like one big family which was comforting to witness, it taught me to try and include everyone in everything and be more fair. I learned also about their myths and legends, the man who lives in the mountains protecting the people and the woman who fell in love with the water. I also learned how to communicate with those who didn’t speak much English and vice versa, we’d use body language etc. We all figured out how to communicate.

The food was a big change for me especially, I really enjoyed their fresh fruit every morning and their combinations of foods over in Costa Rica. I can’t deny that rice n beans did get very repetitive however it was all about the experience. It was a nice change to of had a KFC that one evening, forever grateful for that one. Still the costa Ricans really did put a lot of effort into the preparation and serving of our meals. ‘Bha an biadh uabhasach blasta’- The Food was very tasty.

Aon latha tha mi an dochas a’ dol air ais gu Costa Rica comhla ri Jonathan, Mairead, Charlotte, Andrew is Ciorstan. Ionnsaich mi torr rudan nach robh fios orm ro laimh. Tha mi fhathast gu an latha an-diugh taingeil bha my taghta airson a’dol air an cuairt seo. (Gaidhlig)

The youth exchange did change me, all for the good, I’m more confident now, I feel I can be myself and not care what other people think, I feel inside I want to try help people in all aspects of life, I really would like to learn Spanish in more depth now, realising there is far more out there in the world really does make you become an open-minded person, and to try new thing,  I’ll forever hold the memories in my heart, I’ve also made amazing new friends for life, which I did not expect to happen. I hope everything I’ve learned really does stay with me for my life so I can share the stories with others when I’m older. that would be amazing.

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