my life changing experience in Costa Rica

my costa Rica experience was one filled with laughter, happiness, fun, excitement, nerves, wonder, curiosity OH and of course heat. The whole experience for me is one big favourite memory in my opinion, but one that will stay with me for a lifetime is meeting the wonderful young people of Boruca at first I had no idea what to expect before we met them, but as the days went on we all grew closer and connected even though there was the language barrier we still all managed to communicate and become closer. I’m so happy we all became friends in the end.

I learned a lot over in Costa Rica, one of the things was they eat ALOT of rice and beans, but the culture especially, everyone in Boruca were all very close almost like one big family which was comforting to witness, it taught me to try and include everyone in everything and be more fair. I learned also about their myths and legends, the man who lives in the mountains protecting the people and the woman who fell in love with the water. I also learned how to communicate with those who didn’t speak much English and vice versa, we’d use body language etc. We all figured out how to communicate.

The food was a big change for me especially, I really enjoyed their fresh fruit every morning and their combinations of foods over in Costa Rica. I can’t deny that rice n beans did get very repetitive however it was all about the experience. It was a nice change to of had a KFC that one evening, forever grateful for that one. Still the costa Ricans really did put a lot of effort into the preparation and serving of our meals. ‘Bha an biadh uabhasach blasta’- The Food was very tasty.

Aon latha tha mi an dochas a’ dol air ais gu Costa Rica comhla ri Jonathan, Mairead, Charlotte, Andrew is Ciorstan. Ionnsaich mi torr rudan nach robh fios orm ro laimh. Tha mi fhathast gu an latha an-diugh taingeil bha my taghta airson a’dol air an cuairt seo. (Gaidhlig)

The youth exchange did change me, all for the good, I’m more confident now, I feel I can be myself and not care what other people think, I feel inside I want to try help people in all aspects of life, I really would like to learn Spanish in more depth now, realising there is far more out there in the world really does make you become an open-minded person, and to try new thing,  I’ll forever hold the memories in my heart, I’ve also made amazing new friends for life, which I did not expect to happen. I hope everything I’ve learned really does stay with me for my life so I can share the stories with others when I’m older. that would be amazing.

Scottish family recipe

I chose to make porridge, what is more Scottish than that? many families over the centuries have been having porridge as a start to the day, all you need is

  • 50g porridge oats
  • 350ml milk
     or water, or a mixture of the two


you can make porridge two ways, over the hob or microwave, personally I have done both but I chose to do it over the hob this time, all you need to do is : Put the oats in a saucepan, pour in the milk or water and sprinkle in a pinch of salt. Bring to the boil and simmer for 4-5 minutes, stirring from time to time and watching carefully that it doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pan.

Taghadh mi brochan airson an post seo air sgaths gu bheil e simplidh is faodaidh teaghlach sam bith a’ dheanamh, is nuair a tha e deiseil faodaidh tu cuir rud sam bith air an brochan airson blas faighinn, mar; siùcar, mil, rudan mar sin, chuir mise ‘Nutella’ air an brochan seo.




Mo Athair anns a Gaidhlig

Madainn mhath/feasgar math! 
Airson am blog seo, thaghadh mi m’athair air sgàths gur ann às an Eilean Sgitheanach a tha e fhèin.  Rugadh is a thogadh e ann am Port Rìgh, le athair is a mhàthair.  Tha bràthair agus dà  phiuthar aige. Tha m’athair a’ canail gu bheil an coimhearsnachd againn air atharrachadh, air sgàths gu bheil a h-uile ginealach diofraichte.
Nuair a bha m’athair fhèin na b’ òige, bhiodh cèilidhean a’ tachairt san taigh aige le ceòl is tòrr charaidean, ach chan eil sin a’ tachairt san latha an-diugh. Tha e smaoineachadh gu bheil na fèisean againn san latha an-diugh math gu leòr. Tha iad a’ ciallachadh gu bheil na daoine tighinn còmhla ri chèile anns na  beathannan thrang  againn  agus is e cothrom math sòisealta a tha annta cuideachd. 🙂

mo athair / my dad

*I don’t have a photo of my dad, he didn’t want me to take one of him*

Taghadh me mo athair airson an blog seo, air sgaths gu bheil e bho Port Righ, is s’e  daoine innteannach a th’ann. Tha mi an dochas gu bheil an cultair again a dol air adhart airson bliadhnaichean ri tighinn. untitled

my dad, Brian Shinnie, was brought up in Portree in a house with 3 other siblings, he said when he was younger the community was brilliant and awesome and that his mum and dad brought them up brilliantly, as he has grown up he is still happy with the community and in his eyes hasn’t changed within his generation. but with the younger generations it has changed. Generation to generation it has changed. when he was young his mum and dad would have house ceilidhs with friends and music “t-uachdair stuff.” ceilidhs used to be in a house not like now how they are all in community centres etc. Dad and his siblings used to squeeze and hide underneath the coach listening to adult conversations, he said it was great fun. these type of get togethers don’t really happen anymore, however the festivals now like SkyeLive etc are still just as good. He thinks that museums play a brilliant role in communities in his opinion. dad’s piece of advice to the young is “stay off drugs, no alcohol go to uni” – quote of the day. dad thinks to keep our traditions going to be involved with them and no matter what try to stick to them. Culture is where our hearts lay.


Hallie: Taighean-tasgaidh / Museums

Tha mi a’ smaoineachadh gu bheil na taighean tasgaidh a thoirt aite airson daoine bhon Eilean neo na neach-turais a’dol ann is a coimhead air de na tha an t-eilean sgitheanach uile mu dheidhinn.

The role of museums within communities really get’s to help people understand and connect with the cultures past and present, with experiences good and bad, also the way in which landscape, people and even traditions have changed.

Hallie: An t-àite as fheàrr leum My favourite place

S’e ‘the lump’ suas aig an ospadal an t-àite as fheàrr leum air sgas gu bheil e aite mor le torr speis, suas an seo tha na geamaichean Gaidhealach  a’dol air adhart a h-uile samhradh. Tha torr daoine a tighinn suas an seo airson picnic neo airson a thogal dealbh.

at the lump, when I was younger me and my mum and brother would come here and we would look and spot rabbits, this was very exciting and special for me, as I was young and excited at the aspect of anything, we used to call it the ‘rabbit place’ up until now I call it the lump like everyone else does, I still come up here for the views with friends, there’s also a tower and you can go up it and the views from up there are incredible, at the lump you get a clear view of the Cuillins. here is a photo of people at the games.

Image result for the lump view portree




Hallie: Isle of Skye at winter


*some of this blog will be in English, Gaidhlig and Spanish*

I am going to talk about winter on Skye/ tha me a’dol a’bhruidhinn mu dheidhinn an Geamhradh

the cuillins on Skye are a popular destination here, they attract thousands of tourists every year and at winter they are beautiful, the way the snow comes down and lays on top, it looks amazing. / Los cuillins en Skye son un destino popular aqui, atraen a millares de turistas cada ano y en invierno son hermosos, la manera que la nieve Baja y pone en la tapa parece increible.

here is a photo of them/ S’e seo dealbh de na cuillins :



Hallie: My hopes and fears

I’m sure we all have different hopes and fears, or maybe they’ll be all be similar for this project.

my first couple of fears are going to have to one, being bitten by an insect I just hate that feeling of knowing you could be bitten, will it hurt like bee sting? or irritate me like a midgie bite? if it happens then I’ll live! second fear is if the plane suddenly starts going down and crash…. (kidding) but that could be someone’s fear so I am not judging!

my hopes are to hopefully learn so much more about the culture of Skye and make friends with those from costa Rica, and for us to learn Spanish well and those on the project who are fluent in Gaidhlig (myself being one of them) to teach the young people of Costa Rica the language and those from Skye not fluent to learn more of the Gaidhlig language.