Jamie: First Workshop in Skye!

The first Scottish bi-regional youth exchange workshop was held today in Portree, Isle of Skye, Scotland. Young people discussed and shared their hopes and expectations of the programme in both English and Scottish Gaelic. The workshop was held at the Aros Centre, Portree and facilitated by Jamie Allan Brown (University of St Andrews) and Sìne Ghilleasbuig (Staffin Trust).


Museums involved include Ceumannan – Skye Ecomuseum in Scotland, and the Rey Curré Museo Comunitario in Costa Rica, run by the native Boruca people. Both are open-air museums encouraging visitors to explore the natural landscape and traditional structures. Here, young people will work together to carry out oral history projects with community elders, and become young curators of a virtual exhibition on the theme of societal change.

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